Temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius

The M1 Touch app can show temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

You may be asking yourself how does the app know what to display or you may simply want to change it?

The app will check the M1 settings to see if you are using Fahrenheit or Celsius.

If you have access to the ElkRP Programming software you can check and change this setting by doing the following..

Open ElkRP and open your account.
Click on Connection > Network

Once connected click on Send/Rcv > Receive All
This will receive all your settings from the M1 and load them into the ElkRP software, so we can see what you have loaded in your M1.

Once that has completed, click on Globals from the tree on the left.
Select the ‘G01-G05 (Miscellaneous)’ tab.

You will then see the temperature display option. This is what the app will display the temperature in.

If you make any changes, don’t forget to press the ‘Send to Control’ button to apply the settings to the M1.

After making the changes you need to disconnect from ElkRP, then wait 1-2 minutes for ElkRP to fully disconnect, then re-open the app again and the settings will automatically apply to the app.