M1 Cloud FAQ

Can I use the app on multiple devices?
Yes. Since the app connects to our cloud, you can use the same username and password to on multiple devices. Therefore you only need to purchase the plan once per M1.
How many M1 panels can be assigned to my cloud account?
You can have as many panels as you want to your account. However every M1 you add to your cloud account needs to have it’s own service plan assigned to it.
What happens when my plan expires?
When your plan is almost due for renewal you will receive an email letting you know it’s almost due for renewal.If you don’t renew your service by the expiry date then you will be locked out from controlling your M1 through the cloud until the service is renewed.
A few days after the expiry your M1 will stop all communications to our cloud.
If you don’t renew your service approx 1 week after the expiry then your M1 panel and history may be removed from our cloud.
Can I renew before the expiry?
Yes. If you renew before the expiry date then the new service expiry will add on to the current expiry.
For Example:
If you have 5 days left on your service, and you renew a 30 day service plan then you will have 35 days left on your service after you renew.
Why is there a fee each month?
A small charge is required due to cloud servers that have to be maintained each month.
Will my service extend automatically?
No. You will need to manually open the app and extend your service.
Who can I contact for support and pre-sales?
You can contact our support by emailing support@droidsoft.net
Keep in mind we are based in Australia so there might be a small delay in getting back to you if you are outside our timezone.

Ness aComms / M1 Touch Pro FAQ

How many devices can I install the app onto?
Google Play will license the app based on your Google Play account that you download the app with.

This means that you need a different license for each Google Play account.

However, if you own multiple device (such as 2 or more phones/tablets) then you can just use the same Google Play account on each device which means you can use it on the single license.

If you remove your Google Play account you purchase the app with from your device, then the license for the app will also be removed which means that it will fail to run the app into the Google Play account that you purchased the app with is added again to your Android Device.

If your devices are manage by different Google Play accounts, then you will need to purchase the app on each device.

Google Play does not allow for volume discounts. If you need multiple licenses it is not possible to discount the additional purchases and you need to purchase the app at the price listed on Google Play.

Google now allows family Libraries. This means you can install the app on 5 devices with the one purchase. More info on how to do this here: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7007852?p=family_library_eligibility&rd=1#eligibility

Do you provide technical support by phone?
No. All our support is email based tech support only. Phone support is not available.

We only provide support on the app. If you need help setting up and configuring your system, then this should be done through the place of purchase of your system.

Is there a trial version available?
At this stage there is no trial version available.

Google Play offer a 2 hour refund policy which means if you are not happy with the purchase, then you can get a refund within 2 hours.

Can I use Elk's C1M1 with the M1 Touch Pro app?
Yes. As of version 2.1.1 and above the C1M1 will be supported.
Can I use the M1 Cloud in M1 Touch Pro?
No. You will need to use our free M1 Cloud app to access your panel using the cloud.
Why can't I bypass a zone?
There is a few things that need to be programmed in your M1 in order to bypass a zone.
More info here: https://www.droidsoft.net/cant-bypass-zones/
Why does it show 'License Failed' in the app when I open it?
Google Play will license the app based on the Google account you purchase the app with. If you remove the Google account you purchased the app with it will also remove the license from your device. Simply add the Google account back on the device and the app will be licensed again.

More info here: https://www.droidsoft.net/reinstall-app-on-new-device/

I can connect to my panel on WiFi but can't access it on 3G/4G?
Make sure you are using the Public WAN IP address in the app rather than your local IP address.

You will also need to make sure you have port forwarded your panel in your router / modem. unfortunately we are unable to provide tech support on how to open ports in your router due to hundreds if not thousands of routers / modems on the market. You may visit www.portforward.com which has useful step-by-step guides on how to open the ports. The port you need to open can be found on the M1XEP setup screen next to the IP address settings.

Can I password protect the app?
The app allows you to enter a PIN code before it opens and connects to your panel.

If you forget your PIN code to open the app then you can clear the PIN code, but you will loose all configured panels in the app.

Can I use a DynDNS hostname instead of a IP address?
You can use either a IP address or a DynDNS hostname in the app.

When using a DynDNS hostname in the app, you still need to port forward in the router.

Think a DynDNS hostname as a contact in your phone book. It’s much easier to call someone by pressing on a contact name than having to remember a number.

An IP address and DynDNS hostname works very similar. It’s much easier to remember a website address than it’s IP address to open the same site or to connect to a device.