aComms Background Data Icon

As of version 2.2.0 of the Ness aComms app, there will be a small ‘N’ logo in the notification tray along the stop of the screen as shown below..

This icon will only display if you have the background data enabled from the app settings screen.

This will keep the connection alive in the background when the app is not showing on the screen.

Even though you have the ‘N’ icon displaying doesn’t mean the app is physically connected to your panel. This icon only helps keep the connection active in the background.

When you swipe down the notification tray it will display the Ness aComms app like below..

There is two ways in removing the ‘N’ icon from the notification tray.
1. Disable the background data in the app options screen.
2. Disable the Ness aComms notifications from the Android Operating System.
– Open the app settings.
– Find Apps & Notifications (some Android devices may call it something different).
– Find Ness aComms from the list of installed apps.
– Open the App Notifications
– Disable the notifications on this screen.

If you disable the app notifications as per option 1 above, then no notifications will happen including the siren sound when the system goes into alarm.

If you disable the app notifications as per option 2 above, then the notification icon will not display even if the system goes into alarm. However the siren sound will sound, but no notification will display on the screen.

It is recommend to use the new Ness D8xCel / D16xCel panels which will send you a SMS when the system goes into alarm.