M1 Touch Pro – Alarm Sound

Version 2.1.6 (and above) of the M1 Touch Pro app will include a system in alarm sound.

When you open the M1 Touch Pro app and the system is in alarm it will play a alarm sound to notify you of the system being in alarm.

This feature only works when you have the app open and connected to your panel.

The reason why we can’t be notified while the app is closed, is because the app needs to be connected to your panel to get the system in alarm message from your panel.

Having a ‘always connected’ connection to your panel is not very safe and very unreliable, especially if you have network dropouts or in a area with no mobile coverage.

When the app is closed, the connection between your panel and the app is closed and there is no way the panel can send the message to your phone. That is where Google’s push Notifications needs to be used. When a message is sent to Google’s server it can then send this message to your phone to wake it up and play a sound.

However, Push Notifications can’t be used to notify you of the system being in alarm. It’s not that the app can’t handle it, but it’s that the panel can’t send a message to Google’s server so it can send a message to your phone.

Many customers wanted a sound to be played when you open the app when the system is in alarm. This is why this feature was added.

We are working on a solution where you can use push Notifications and this hopefully be released later in the year.