Now Available: M1 Cloud

Our new app called ‘M1 Cloud’ is now available!

This app will allow you to control your Elk / Ness M1 through the cloud. (An M1XEP is required). This means you don’t need to port forward in your router/modem, as well as not having to worry about static WAN IP addresses, which may change from time to time.

The cloud will also be able to send you push notifications when events happen on the M1.

A small monthly fee (or a annual fee for those that don’t want to pay each month) is required for the cloud service (per M1). This is due to cloud servers that need to be maintained each month. This payment is done over Google’s and Apple’s secure in-app purchase payment gateway.

Each family member can login with the same cloud username and password in the app (on either Android or iOS), and not having to worry about having to purchase the app multiple times, since you are only changed a small monthly fee per M1.

For those that don’t want to pay a monthly fee, then M1 Touch Pro will still be available (for Android devices). M1 Touch Pro connects directly to the M1XEP (not connecting through the cloud) and you will need to port forward and have static WAN IP addresses if you plan to use it over the internet. You also won’t get cloud features like push notifications when using M1 Touch Pro.

The cloud will not allow remote programming (Using ElkRP). You will still need to port forward if you plan to do remote programming over the internet. This is due to the way the M1XEP processes the cloud messages and not how our cloud works.